Bosull - Focus what matters

Are you in control of your business to achieve its goals ?

We help entrepreneurs stay in control of their business to achieve their goals.

Business has four elements to control
-> Strategy – Choices to achieve business objective
-> Planning – What, Who, How & When
-> Execution – Execute the plan or plan the execution
-> Reviews – Review execution against plan & strategy

SPR (Strategy, Planning & Review) require only 10% resources but decides the outcome of 100% execution.

Higher the Execution alignment with SPR, higher the desired outcome i.e. market share, growth, profit etc.

Wherever Execution is not SPR aligned, it is loss of opportunity and wastage of resource.

Are you overwhelmed with business execution or is it in aligned with its SPR?

Bosull is a focus system for entrepreneurs to achieve their business goals.

Bosull keeps business SPER in control using only three elements i.e.
-> Goals (G) to achieve
-> Routines (R) to focus
-> Game changers (C)

Do you know the current status of your business GRCs?”

GRCs at all levels of organisation Business, Functions, Teams, Employees

Our Role – Identify GRCs, Enable GRCs

Client Committment – Execute & track GRCs progress
Share feedback, opportunities & challenges to improve GRCs

GRC Validation – Brings Focus, Practical to implement, High cost benefit, Almost no downside

How Bosull is different – Only three elements to achieve desired results

“Bosull delivery approach – Weekly call with entrepreneur to enable agreed GRCs
Bosull is delivered virtually”

We accept mandates only after a business assessment and entrepreneur agreement with our observations

Random improvements seldom achieve anything, but often give comfort of improvement