Making sense of business

Are you trying too hard to grow your business. Do business results do not match the effort put in.
Most of our efforts typically do not improve business results. Why ?

Because, random improvements NEVER improve results
but ALWAYS give comfort of improvement

Is your business execution like hot knife on butter or struggling with knife & frozen butter

Who we are

Pristine is a sector neutral strategy consulting firm.
We help entrepreneurs to achieve their dream goals using
power of focus

How do we find focus

Each business has only 4 Elements i.e. Strategy, Planning, Execution and Reviews. Three elements of the this i.e. SPR (Strategy, Planning & Reviews) take only 10% effort but decide the outcome of 90% effort i.e. execution. Higher the execution alignment with SPR, higher is the speed of desired business result i.e. Sales, Profits, Quality, Business value etc. Reverse is also equally true, wherever execution is not SPR aligned, it is wastage of resource & loss of opportunity. SPR helps control 100% business by focusing on only 10% SPR elements.


Pristine takes ownership of focusing and aligning SPR of client business
to achieve their dream goals.

We act like a coach to guide client team. We handhold, troubleshoot and stay with client till agreed suggestions are successfully implemented and are in practice. Please note that a coach can provide all the guidance, but runs can only be scored by the team.

Who can be benefited

Available for progressive entrepreneurs
Not satisfied with their current performance
Have basic sales and delivery capability in place

How are we different

Full ownership of implementation
Unlimited support
Sector neutral strategy consulting