SME Grow
Next Level Business Growth
smeGrow is a 360 management solution to achieve next level growth by bringing client organization on the same page. We help build performance driven culture and habit in the organization by aligning organization’s strategies, execution, accountabilities and review systems. smeGrow focuses on enabling the client management team rather than just providing advise. The one time solution is implemented in 3 to 6 months.
Scope and Methodology
  • Business Diagnostics to understand opportunities for next level of growth and challenges
  • Strategic choices of the business to decide business direction
  • Business goals and its accountabilities
  • Business MIS to identify area of improvement
  • Management review system to track progress
  • Execution focus of the business for reliable and efficient execution
  • CEO Strategic Support for bouncing key business decisions


What can you expect from smeGrow

  • CEO and Management team on the Same Page
  • Identification of problems and its solutions from CEO perspective
  • Have right strategic support for the business
  • Have clarity of execution for day to day operations
  • Have business goals and its review system
  • CEO bouncing board


What you can not expect from smeGrow


smeGrow is a management solution &  does not promise client  business domain expertise. For example, if a company is in the business of retailing of branded apparel, smeGrow does not promise retail or apparel business expertise. We believe if client does not have retail or apparel expertise, then client first needs to get this expertise for its business before considering other improvement initiatives


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