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Some businesses do well while others may not do so well. Some generate sustainable wealth for its owners while others struggle in spite of best efforts. So what differentiates a successful business from a not so successful one? One of the key differentiator is Business Model of a business. Business Model is foundation of any business. A business model defines how a business creates, delivers and captures value. It also answers how a business creates a sustainable competitive advantage, which is difficult to copy for others. It also identifies linkages between all critical aspects of a business & establishes the key issues that may be holding back the growth & profitability.

For Whom

  • To assess health of a business
  • To give direction to a startup
  • To do useful discussions with investors
  • To assess viability of new business Idea


 Business Doctor is a business model validation service. It is beneficial equally for new as well as running businesses. It can be used at all stages of business including growing a business, achieving scale, assessing viability of new business idea and pitching to investors. It covers assessment of following building blocks of a business ;


Customer Segments
Customer segments, customer problems, need connect, why would customer buy, how big is target segment

Value Propositions
What is our Value proposition including range, price, quality, differentiation, competitiveness, offering SWOT

Customer Relations
How is value proposition communicated to customers

Key Activities
Channels of sales/distribution, activities for acquiring new customers and business from existing customers.
Activities for operations, delivery and for customer retention 

Key People, accountability for key functions, funding, equipment & technology

Key Partners
Partners & their motivators

Sales Channels
How do we acquire new customers
Channels to achieve sales

Revenue stream
Revenue segments, pricing

Cost structure
Variable & Fixed costs

Organisation SWOT
An elementary SWOT analysis for a 360-degree view 

Financial Health(If 3 years audited accounts available)
Margins, working capital, debt, Key ratios
Assess financial ratios, working capital management and in general financial health
Identifying Value destroying elements and areas of improvements. 

Vulnerabilities, “What Next” conclusion

Business model validation is undertaken based on information shared by the client and does not include any market study or research. It is a standalone service to evaluate client’s existing business model on AS IS basis and does not include any other advice. A business model validation report is delivered typically within two weeks, which helps clients take well informed next steps for their business.


Our Approach

  • Signing NDA
  • Information collection through a questionnaire
  • Discussions with promoters on a conference call


Time Taken
Generally we take two weeks or more depending upon the complexity of business


Bounce 360 Deliverables 
We deliver a brief report covering each of the above building blocks and an elementary SWOT analysis for a 360 degree view. The report shall act as decision support system to take well informed next steps and also prepare you to do useful discussions with prospective investors.

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