Business Deals
Business Tie ups, Buy and Sell
Pristine business deals services are offered to those entrepreneurs and organizations who want to expand their business and enter into any new business segment. We provide an ideal and most suitable match with client requirement.
Scope and Methodology
Partner Profile
Assess and develop executive summary/Teaser/Information Memorandum of the deal for the prospective investor in coordination with the Client.
Investor Search
To identify and search suitable investor for the company
Pristine would assist the Client in arriving at valuation of Client business.  
Negotiation Assistance and Signing the Term Sheet
Pristine would develop Negotiation strategy and plan including synergy valuation for potential investor and assist the Client in negotiation with prospective investor and Signing of the. Term –Sheet
Transaction Structure
Pristine would also help the Client in finalization of transaction structure.
Pristine would help the Client in finalization of Share Purchase Agreement (“SPA”) with prospective investor. 
Assistance in Closing of the Transaction
Pristine role in the Transaction will be limited to that of providing financial/strategic advice including identification of investor. The Advisor will not make any representation to any party in relation to the Transaction on behalf of the Company or client without its prior written consent.
Focus Profit
Square Melon
CEO strategic support
Business Doctor
Market Study
Strategic Business Plan
India Entry
Business Deals
Business Due Diligence
Business Valuation
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