Founded in 2000, we are focused at Entrepreneur’s agenda. We help Entrepreneurs address fundamental business issues to achieve next level growth of their businesses. Entrepreneurs like to manage their businesses in a makes sense manner. In a typical corporate, all systems must be followed to take a decision whether in the end it makes sense or not. On the other hand, for an entrepreneur, all decisions must make sense, whether systems are followed or not.
We at Pristine suggest systems which make sense
Our approach handholds the Entrepreneur priorities and not just provide studies and strategies. All Pristine services come with a strong Makes Sense Promise.
We are in the business of Making Sense.
  • Stay focused on client objective
    • All tasks in a project must be aligned to client objective.
  • Relevant for client business
    • Even a best practice or system is not relevant everywhere. It may not be right stage, client organisation may not be ready to implement, too expensive for the client business etc.
  • Practical and Jargon free
    • Our approach is practical to understand and implement. We believe having a strategy or a plan which people can not understand or relate to is not going to help the client in any case.
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Life is all about simplicities and these are what makes life colorful and livable. So in whatever you do, never ignore a little help, a kind gesture, an innocent smile and a shoulder to cry on. They maybe small but they sure mean a lot.
-Peace Cyril
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